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January 6, 2023

In today's digital age, the protection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) has become a major concern for individuals and organisations alike. With the evolution of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the need for user anonymity has become more important than ever. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was created to enable user-to-user transactions without revealing the users' identities. However, the possibility of tracing transactions and uncovering user identities has prompted the emergence of Bitcoin mixing and de-mixing services.

In a research paper titled "Establishing and Evaluating User Anonymity of Bitcoin Mixing and De-mixing Services," we aimed to examine the effectiveness of these services in providing anonymity to users. To achieve this objective, we began by providing a fundamental understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. We then explored the different types of analyses that can be used to uncover user identities in Bitcoin transactions and how these analyses have weakened the anonymity of Bitcoin transactions.

The research objective was to compare the different Bitcoin mixing and de-mixing services available in the market and evaluate their effectiveness in providing user anonymity. To accomplish this, we examined the factors that influence anonymity and compared the services in terms of these factors. The factors that we considered include the level of decentralization, the security of the mixing process, the number of users in the mix, and the level of trust required in the service provider.

Our evaluation of the different Bitcoin mixing and de-mixing services revealed that the level of user anonymity provided by these services varies significantly. Some services provide a high level of anonymity, while others are less effective in protecting user identities. Our findings indicate that the level of decentralization and the number of users in the mix are the most significant factors in determining the effectiveness of these services.

In conclusion, our research paper establishes that Bitcoin only provides pseudo-anonymity and that the use of Bitcoin mixing and de-mixing services can significantly improve user anonymity. However, the effectiveness of these services varies greatly, and users must carefully evaluate the different options available to them. Our research provides a valuable resource for individuals and organizations looking to maintain their privacy and protect their PII while engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.


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